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Which season has your favorite seasonal beers?
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Welcome to BeerTutor! Our site offers a ton of information about beer in our massive Beer Database where you can research and review beers you have tried, keep track of your favorites, and view statistical information. Our advanced software provides powerful searching and sorting features allowing you to find beers based on a wide variety of criteria including things like carbs, calories, bitterness, alcohol percentage, and more. We have more of this type of data than any other site out there!

We also have a ton of fun and educational resources such as our beer styles guide, articles, homebrewing tools, recipes, beer forums, the largest collection of beer trivia quizzes, and much more!

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Beer News
Most U.S. Breweries in History
It was a startling announcement: As of Dec. 1, 2015, the Brewers Association had counted 4,144 brewe...
20 Jan. 2016, 00:05 Full Story | More News
Samuel Adams Utopias Available
The 2015 version of Samuel Adams Utopias was released a few days ago. As usual, there is very limite...
18 Nov. 2015, 15:42 Full Story | More News
Smuggled Beers Disguised As Pepsi
A smuggler tried to carry nearly 48,000 cans of beers disguised as Pepsi cans into Saudi Arabia over...
18 Nov. 2015, 15:35 Full Story | More News
What's New
New Beer Category
I have added a new category to the beer database which is "Smoked Porter". There are enough of them ...
24 Jan. 2016, 18:23 Read more
308 Beers Added
Haven't been posting these as often as I should, so this list is a few months worth. Lots of good co...
03 Jan. 2016, 21:11 Read more
52 Beers Added
We added 52 beers to the database during the month of August. Many of the Oregon additions were the ...
07 Sep. 2015, 21:11 Read more

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