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Beer Database > Lagers > Bock
Aass Bock
Aass Bryggeri
Drammen, Norway
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0 0.00 0 181 08-29-2004

Brewer's Description:
"The Aass Bock is a dark "lager" also produced in accordance with the "Purity law". The malted barely is produced in the Scandinavian countries. It is a combination of bayer-, color- and caramel malt. We use the very best of hops from the Hallertau area in Germany, and the water is pure Norwegian mountain water. The Aass Bock is largered at cool temperatures, and it is allowed to mature for as long as 6 months before bottling. The beer is sold in a caracteristic nice-looking green bottle containing 11.2 fl. oz or 330 ml."

Alcohol Content (ABV): 5.9%
Calories: Unknown
Carbohydrates: Unknown
Bitterness (IBU): 20.5
**Stats are based on a 12 ounce beer

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