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Beer Database > Anglo-American Style Ales > American Pale Ale
McMenamins Copper Moon Summer seasonal
Portland, Oregon, USA
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1 2.50 1 47 06-15-2009

Brewer's Description:
"This summer, a different kind of moon is rising across the McMenamins Empire as we proudly introduce our brand new summer seasonal, Copper Moon. After bringing you more than a decade of delicious, light, crisp, smooth-tasting, golden-colored thirst-quenchers during the hot summer months, the brewers have decided to up the ante a little bit. Copper Moon is the result. This wonderful elixir has a bit more malt quality and hop character than our previous summer seasonals, spawning a refreshing, flavorful beer that we like to identify as a Summer Pale Ale. On top of that, all of the malted barley used in every batch of Copper Moon is organically grown and malted. All of our breweries will be utilizing Great Western Malting Organic 2-row, Organic Munich Malt and Organic 60L Crystal Malt. The outcome is a smooth, flavorful summer pale ale that is made with 100% Organic grains. The first thing you'll notice about Copper Moon is the coppery orange luminescence radiating out of the pint glass. This comes from the special combination of 3 different Organic malts in every batch. Those Organic malts also impart a flavorsome yet summery smooth sweetness that quenches your thirst at the same time as tantalizing your taste buds. The upfront hop bitterness of Copper Moon is relatively low, complementing the malts nicely without being overpowering. The hop flavor and aroma are another matter, as the Centennial and Amarillo hops used in the latter stages of each batch intermingle delightfully to generate a dazzling citrusy and flowery olfactory experience. All these things blend into a refreshing, flavorful and organic summer beer. There's a Copper Moon risin' this summer across the McMenamins Kingdom, make sure that you check it out."

Alcohol Content (ABV): 5%
Calories: Unknown
Carbohydrates: Unknown
Bitterness (IBU): Unknown
**Stats are based on a 12 ounce beer

Ratings & Reviews: (1) Add Your Review
2.5 Reviewed By:
sloshed (3369 Reviews)
Troutdale, Oregon - Edgefield
I have read many reviews elsewhere with people saying that they like this beer. They are obviously retarded (OK, just kidding). But seriously - this was crap. As watery a pale ale as I can remember and where are the hops? For me, this is a decent pale lager and get rated accordingly.

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