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Beer Database > Belgian Style Ales > Lambic - Fruit
Ise Kadoya Griotte Spring seasonal
Ise Kadoya
Ise, Japan
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0 0.00 0 22 11-24-2009

Brewer's Description:
"Using our Wheat Ale as a base, we add Griotte Cherry in order to ferment with the wheat. The end result is smilier to a Belgian-style Lambic, yet is slightly sweet, more restrained and not as sour. Because of the higher sugar content our Griotte Cherry Ale produces a higher alcohol content and mixes well with the cold winter months."

Alcohol Content (ABV): 6.5%
Calories: Unknown
Carbohydrates: Unknown
Bitterness (IBU): Unknown
**Stats are based on a 12 ounce beer

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