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Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche Doppelbock Winter seasonal
Brauerei Heller
Bamberg, Germany
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Votes Score Ratings & Reviews Hits Added
2 3.50 2 41 01-08-2011

Brewer's Description:
Following century old recipes all malts made at the Schlenkerla brewery are dried by wood fire. While for the classic “Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier” traditionally beech has been – and still is – used, the malt for “Schlenkerla Oak Smoke” is kilned with oak wood. The resulting Oak Smoke Malt has a smoother and more multi layered smoky note than the intensely aromatic Beech Smoke Malt. The hence complex smokiness in “Schlenkerla Oak Smoke” is paired with the multifaceted bitterness of finest Hallertau aroma hops. With 8% alcohol and Bernstein color it matures for months in the deep brewery cellars underneath Bamberg into a special treat for smoke beer lovers for Christmas.

Alcohol Content (ABV): 8%
Calories: Unknown
Carbohydrates: Unknown
Bitterness (IBU): 40
**Stats are based on a 12 ounce beer

Ratings & Reviews: (2) Add Your Review
2.5 Reviewed By:
sloshed (2904 Reviews)
Portland, Oregon - Belmont Station
Beerlover is exactly right.. You will either love or hate this beer. I guess I have now resigned myself to the fact that I don't like smoked beer (or food). Underlying all of the smoke is a pretty good tasting doppelbock, but the smoke just kills me.

4.5 Reviewed By:
beerlover420 (1561 Reviews)
Auburn,ME.USA-Florians Mkt.
They weren't kidding about the multi-layered smoky note in this beer! Smoky smell followed by liquid smoke with beer in there somewhere.There is nothing else like an Aecht Schlenkerla beer and this is their smoky King.You will either love or hate this beer.If you've tried one of their other beers and hated it,you will hate this one,too.I love it! It's reminds me of sitting by the campfire on a warm Summer evening drinking beer and inhaling smoke (cough, cough).

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