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Mort Subite Framboise top
Alken-Maes (Heineken)
Alken, Belgium
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Votes Score Ratings & Reviews Hits Added
1 5.00 1 76 08-20-2005

Brewer's Description:
"Lambic to which fresh raspberry juice has been added. Mort Subite Framboise is drunk from the Mort Subite champagne glass. A delicious aperitif."

Alcohol Content (ABV): 4.5%
Calories: Unknown
Carbohydrates: Unknown
Bitterness (IBU): Unknown
**Stats are based on a 12 ounce beer

Ratings & Reviews: (1) Add Your Review
5 Reviewed By:
beerlover420 (1562 Reviews)
St.Georges,QC.Canada-SAQ Selection
One of the mysterious, Belgian Fruit Lambics and a wonderful drinking experience it was.The comparison between this and an American Wheat with fruit flavor is like an expensive wine vs. Wild Irish Rose. A must try for the beer hunters of the world.

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