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Beer Database > Wheat Ales > American Wheat
McMenamins Edgefield Wheat
Portland, Oregon, USA
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1 3.00 1 63 07-22-2004

Brewer's Description:
"Edgefield Wheat is a classic example of an American wheat ale. Unlike the popular Northwest Hefeweizen, Edgefield Wheat is a bright, clear, clean tasting ale. The smooth flavor of wheat malt is highlighted and has become a favorite of light ale drinkers."

Alcohol Content (ABV): 3.7%
Calories: 143
Carbohydrates: Unknown
Bitterness (IBU): Unknown
**Stats are based on a 12 ounce beer

Ratings & Reviews: (1) Add Your Review
3 Reviewed By:
Judge Rage (68 Reviews)
Portland, Oregon
I gave this a 3, but only because there isn't much beer like this outside of the NW, and I am little spoiled. I have had this a lot, but I am a but burned out, and I have never heard anyone give much love to this wheat beer compared to so many others out there. They should probably take another look at the recipe. I'd choose a Widmer Hef over this 7 days a week.

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