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Learn all about beer styles, beer tasting, preserving beer and much more..

The World's Best Beer Cities - pick
Our list of the top cities in the world for beer lovers.
(Added: 07-18-2012, Hits: 1007, Rating: 4.00, Votes: 1)

A Desert Oasis: Microbreweries in the Midwest -
This article discusses the microbreweries of the midwestern states including Surly, Bell's, Great Lakes Brewing, and Fulton Brewing.
(Added: 12-17-2010, Hits: 930, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

American Beer Doesn't Suck Anymore - top
This article dispels many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding American beer.
(Added: 11-08-2005, Hits: 1953, Rating: 5.00, Votes: 1)

An Instructional Guide To Building a Kegerator -
Wouldn’t you love to always have cold beer on tap? Well with this step-by-step kegerator guide you can do just that.
(Added: 08-09-2014, Hits: 389, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

Are Pacific Northwest Brewers One Trick Ponies? -
Do Pacific Northwest brewers know how to brew foreign-style ales?
(Added: 09-05-2007, Hits: 1027, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

Beer Preservation 101 - top
As some of you gain experience with beer tasting, you might want to start storing your favorite beers for later. You might also simply want to experiment with the evolution of tastes with beer aging. This article will provide some advice on how to proceed.
(Added: 01-03-2005, Hits: 1778, Rating: 5.00, Votes: 1)

Hangover Remedies -
In this article, we are going to go through some hangover remedies as well as prevention techniques that will hopefully help you get through the day after a good bender.
(Added: 01-08-2005, Hits: 1486, Rating: 4.00, Votes: 2)

Hops Guide - top
Nearly everything you need to know about hops including information on over 60 varieties.
(Added: 01-26-2011, Hits: 1263, Rating: 5.00, Votes: 1)

Introduction to Beer Rating -
In this article, Alexis discusses the art of rating and reviewing beer.
(Added: 01-15-2005, Hits: 1558, Rating: 4.00, Votes: 1)

Introduction to Trappist Beer (Part 1) -
Trappist ales are to beer what champagne is to wine. They are very finely crafted products and they get their name by adhering to a certain number of criteria. In this article, Alexis explains what those criteria are while trying to clarify many myths surrounding these special beers.
(Added: 12-13-2004, Hits: 1722, Rating: 4.50, Votes: 5)

Introduction to Trappist Beer (Part 2) - top
Alexis discusses the glassware, styles, and taste characteristics of Trappist ales.
(Added: 12-23-2004, Hits: 1587, Rating: 5.00, Votes: 3)

Oktoberfest: The Ultimate Beer Festival -
Travelers to Germany during late September and early October are in for an Oktoberfest treat: two solid weeks of beer drinking, revelry and entertainment. For a glimpse into the festivities, as well as some of the history surrounding the event, read on.
(Added: 10-25-2005, Hits: 1210, Rating: 4.00, Votes: 1)

Organizing a Beer Tasting Session -
This article describes a few different ways to organize beer tasting sessions.
(Added: 05-25-2005, Hits: 1466, Rating: 4.00, Votes: 1)

Prohibition: The Greatest American Blunder - top
In this article we are going to take a look at the history of prohibition, discuss its effects, and explain why it is one of the dumbest things the United States has ever done.
(Added: 11-20-2005, Hits: 1334, Rating: 5.00, Votes: 1)

The Difference Between Ales and Lagers -
The first step in learning more about beer is to first understand that there are 2 basic categories of beer - Lagers and Ales. This article explains the 3 main differences.
(Added: 07-23-2005, Hits: 2077, Rating: 3.75, Votes: 2)

The Origins of Beer (sort of) -
A humorous look by Naomi at the origins and evolution of beer.
(Added: 01-13-2005, Hits: 1434, Rating: 4.00, Votes: 2)

Your Beer Could Be Killing You - top
A look at the many additives and preservatives in beer, and what they mean to your health.
(Added: 01-06-2014, Hits: 539, Rating: 5.00, Votes: 1)

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