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This is our collection of handy beer and alcohol calculators and converters.

ABW to ABV Converter -
Converts back and forth between alcohol by weight and alcohol by volume.
(Added: 02-11-2008, Hits: 1032, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

Beer Specifications Calculator -
Use the OG and FG of your beer to calculate the real final gravity, alcohol content (weight and volume), and calories.
(Added: 02-11-2008, Hits: 919, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

Bitterness Calculator -
Input the alpha acid Percentage, mass added, and time boiled fields and this calculator will calculate the hops bitterness of your beer.
(Added: 02-04-2008, Hits: 835, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

Blood Alcohol Level Calculator -
Calculates your BAC based on weight, number of drinks, alcohol percentage of drink, time period.
(Added: 05-30-2005, Hits: 1588, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

Carbonation Calculator -
This calculator will determine how much priming sugar you need to achieve a desired level of CO2.
(Added: 02-04-2008, Hits: 903, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

Celsius/Fahrenheit Calculator -
Convert back and forth between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
(Added: 02-11-2008, Hits: 514, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

Liquid Measurement Converter -
If you are like most of us, at some point you have wondered how many beers are in a keg, or how many beers a European 750ml bottle equals. This calculator will allow you to convert between various liquid measurements.
(Added: 06-20-2005, Hits: 1246, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

Water Chemistry Calculator -
Calculates the ppm of the important brewing ions based on water volume and the mass of the salts you add.
(Added: 02-04-2008, Hits: 575, Rating: 0.00, Votes: 0)

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