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Beer Statistics > 100 Most Bitter Beers (IBUs)

This site has the IBU information for more beers than any other on the internet. Below you will find the top 100 most bitter beers that we are aware of. For the bitterness levels of beers not listed here, browse the beer database to the category you are interested in, and use the sorting features to sort by bitterness.

You should also keep in mind that the higher end of this list is basically gimmicky as the human mouth can only taste up to about 120 IBUs.

Beer Brewery IBUs Rating
Flying Monkeys Alpha Fornication Limited Release Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery 2500 0.0000
Mikkeller X Hop Juice 2007 IBU Limited Release Mikkeller 2007 0.0000
Hart & Thistle Hop Mess Monster v2.0 Hart & Thistle 1066 0.0000
Mikkeller 1000 IBU Limited Release Mikkeller 1000 0.0000
Mikkeller 1000 IBU Barrel Aged Limited Release Mikkeller 1000 0.0000
Arbor / Steel City DCLXVI Limited Release Arbor Ales 666 0.0000
To Øl/Mikkeller Overall IIPA Limited Release To Øl 408 0.0000
Struise Black Damnation VI - Messy Struise 340 0.0000
Raasted Festival IPA Limited Release Raasted Bryghus 335 0.0000
Pitstop The Hop Retired Pitstop (Closed) 323 0.0000
Shorts The Liberator Short's Brewing Company 300 0.0000
Hill Farmstead Ephraim Limited Release Hill Farmstead Brewery 280 0.0000
Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA Founders Brewing Company 200 4.6000
Midnight Sun Gluttony Limited Release Midnight Sun Brewing Company 200 0.0000
Hart & Thistle Rocket Man Hart & Thistle 186 0.0000
Starr Hill Double Platinum Limited Release Starr Hill Brewery 180 0.0000
Hill Farmstead Abner Limited Release Hill Farmstead Brewery 170 0.0000
Hoppin Frog Mean Manalishi Double IPA Hoppin Frog 168 4.3333
Gilgamesh IPA Gilgamesh Brewing 160 3.0000
Flying Monkeys Super Collider Limited Release Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery 160 0.0000
Greenbush Rage Limited Release Greenbush Brewing Company 156 0.0000
Toppling Goliath Biter Double IPA Toppling Goliath Brewing Company 154 0.0000
Southern Tier Un*Earthly Imperial IPA Southern Tier Brewing 153 4.1667
Free State Old Backus Barleywine Winter Seasonal Free State Brewing Company 150 0.0000
Mt. Emily Ale House Double IPA Mt. Emily Ale House 150 0.0000
Lost Rhino Hop Star Limited Release Lost Rhino Brewing Company 150 0.0000
Green Flash Palate Wrecker Spring seasonal Green Flash Brewing Co 149 4.1000
Shorts Bludgeon Yer Eye Winter seasonal Short's Brewing Company 145 0.0000
Schmohz Hopknocker Imperial IPA Schmohz Brewing Co. 136 0.0000
Malty Dog Gitchigoomie IPA Malty Dog Brewery 133 0.0000
Knee Deep Hop Shortage Triple IPA Knee Deep Brewing Company 133 3.5000
Knee Deep Simtra Triple IPA Knee Deep Brewing Company 131 4.0000
Bluegrass Batch 1300 Limited Release Bluegrass Brewing Company 130 0.0000
Barrier Agro-Marine Quadruple IPA Limited Release Barrier Brewing Company 130 0.0000
New Albanian Yakima New Albanian Brewing Company 130 0.0000
Jackie O's Matriarch Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery 130 0.0000
Day Block Brewing Double IPA Day Block Brewing Company 129 0.0000
Laughing Dog AlphaDog Imperial IPA Laughing Dog Brewing 127 4.0000
Legend Imperial IPA Winter seasonal Legend Brewing Company 126 0.0000
Foothills Seeing Double IPA Foothills Brewing 126 0.0000
Southern Tier Jah-va Imperial Coffee Stout Winter seasonal Southern Tier Brewing 125 5.0000
Freetail Hopothesis A Limited Release Freetail Brewing Co. 125 0.0000
Fort Street FIPA Limited Release Fort Street Brewery 125 0.0000
No Label Mint IPA No Label Brewing Co. 125 0.0000
Trinity Slap Yer Mammy Double IPA Limited Release Trinity Brewing Company 125 0.0000
Cape Ann Fishermans Greenhorn Double IPA Limited Release Cape Ann Brewing Company 124 0.0000
Stickmen One Ton Trolley Stickmen Brewing Company 123 0.0000
Bristol Edge City 1.5 IPA Limited Release Bristol Brewing Company 122 0.0000
Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA Limited Release Harpoon Brewery 122 4.5000
Harpoon Leviathan Imperial Red Limited Release Harpoon Brewery 122 3.5000
Narragansett Private Stock Imperial India Pale Ale Limited Release Narragansett Brewing Company 122 0.0000
Rogue Old Crustacean Rogue Ales 120 4.0000
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA Dogfish Head Brewery 120 4.3750
Steelhead Hopasaurus Rex Steelhead Brewing Company 120 0.0000
21st Amendment Double Trouble Imperial IPA 21st Amendment Brewery 120 0.0000
Eugene City Tracktown 300 Meter Ale Limited Release Eugene City Brewery (Rogue Ales) 120 0.0000
Alchemist Heady Topper Alchemist Pub and Brewery 120 5.0000
Lawsons Finest Equinox Extra XPA Limited Release Lawson's Finest Liquids 120 0.0000
Shorts Huma Lupa Licious Short's Brewing Company 120 0.0000
Heathen Megadank Limited Release Heathen Brewing 120 0.0000
Atwater Hop-A-Peel Atwater Block Brewery 118 2.8000
Breaker 16 Ton IPA Spring seasonal Breaker Brewing Company 116 4.5000
Alvinne Gaspar Winter seasonal Brouwerij Alvinne 115 3.5000
Mikkeller Single Hop IPA Warrior Mikkeller 115 0.0000
Sixpoint Old Krusher Barleywine Sixpoint Brewery 115 0.0000
No-Li Jet Star Imperial IPA No-Li Brewhouse 115 0.0000
Mikkeller Single Hop IPA Columbus Mikkeller 114 0.0000
Greenbush Brother Benjamin Limited Release Greenbush Brewing Company 114 0.0000
Sly Fox Rte. 113 India Pale Ale Sly Fox Beer 113 3.5000
Hop Valley Eleven Limited Release Hop Valley Brewing Company 111 4.0000
Skagit River Scullers IPA Skagit River Brewing Company 110 3.0000
Russian River Old Gubbillygotch Barleywine Russian River Brewing Company 110 0.0000
Legacy Hedonism Red Legacy Brewing Company 110 0.0000
Bear Republic Racer X Strong Ale Bear Republic Brewing Company 110 4.5000
Cigar City 110K+OT Batch #3 Limited Release Cigar City Brewing 110 0.0000
Wormtown FU IPA Limited Release Wormtown Brewery 110 0.0000
Trois Dames La Pasionaria Double IPA Trois Dames 110 3.5000
Alchemist Alena Limited Release Alchemist Pub and Brewery 110 0.0000
Saugatuck Continuum Imperial IPA Saugatuck Brewing Company 110 0.0000
Tallgrass Ethos IPA Tallgrass Brewing Company 110 4.0000
Brash The Bollocks Ipswich Ale Brewery 110 0.0000
Uinta Dubhe Imperial Black IPA Uinta Brewing Company 109 4.0000
Rogue Monk Madness Limited Release Rogue Ales 108 2.0000
Olde Hickory Death by Hops Olde Hickory Brewery 108 0.0000
Midnight Sun Operation Hay Limited Release Midnight Sun Brewing Company 108 4.0000
Lucky Labrador Hopperopolis Limited Release Lucky Labrador 108 0.0000
Avery Mephistopheles Stout Winter seasonal Avery Brewing Company 107 4.5000
Ballast Point Tongue Buckler Imperial Red Ale Ballast Point Brewing Company 107 4.0000
Bloomington Krampus Black IPA Limited Release Bloomington Brewing Company 106 0.0000
Pennichuck Chiefs Imperial IPA Retired Pennichuck Brewing Company (Closed) 106 0.0000
Stone Ruination IPA Stone Brewing Company 105 3.7500
Brew Kettle Imperial Stout The Brew Kettle 105 0.0000
Blue Frog The Big DIPA 3 Limited Release Blue Frog Grog and Grill 105 3.5000
Midnight Sun 11th Anniversary Double IPA Limited Release Midnight Sun Brewing Company 105 0.0000
Seven Brides Frankenlou’s IPA Limited Release Seven Brides Brewing Company 105 3.0000
Jacks Abby Kiwi Rising Fall seasonal Jack's Abby Brewing 105 0.0000
Old Market The Kraken Imperial IPA Limited Release Old Market Pub and Brewery 103 0.0000
Emelisse Triple IPA Limited Release Bierbrouwerij Emelisse 103 0.0000
Alameda Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA Limited Release Alameda Brewing Company 103 4.0000
Mikkeller Single Hop IPA Bravo Mikkeller 103 0.0000

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- Fall seasonal
- Winter seasonal
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- No longer produced
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