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It's going to be tough for me to be objective about Portland since I live here and love it, but I will give it a shot. Portland is the beer capital of the world. Oops.. Off to a bad start. But in all seriousness, Portland has more breweries than any city in the world, and the city is sometimes referred to as "Brewtopia" or "Beervana". In 2006, the city's official nickname was changed to "BeerTown". This is not surprising given the number of breweries and the fact that the region supplies beer ingredients such as hops and 2-row barley to brewers all over the world.

We are very proud of our beer culture and our esteemed local beers. For that reason, they are very easy to find - you can get them just about anywhere whether it be a convenience store, chain supermarket, or just about any bar in town. Many of them are available nationwide.

This information might cause one to think that Portland is one of the snobbiest beer cities in the world, however, it is also worth noting that Portland consumes more Pabst Blue Ribbon than anywhere else, and was a major reason for PBR's recent resurrection.

In any event, Portland has a lot to offer the beer afficianado including a hopping night life, giant beer festivals, and tons of brewers. Read on for more information about these. For additional information about Portland, check out the Portland Travel Guide on our sister site.

Beer Festivals:
Spring Beer and Wine Fest - This annual fest touts itself as being "the nation's largest "Springtime" alcoholic event". Held at the Convention Center, this fest had over 50 American breweries and Wineries in attendance.

Oregon Brewer's Festival - This summer festival celebrates American craft brewers and has been held at the Waterfront Park for the last 18 years. Over 70 U.S. breweries will be in attendance making this festival the largest of its kind.

Portland International Beer Festival - This is a brand new event for Portland in 2005 and will be held in the Pearl District during July. This event will feature over 120 beers available from all over the world, many of which are rare. We will be reviewing this event in the forums.

Beer Bars:
Portland has a very active nightlife and it ranks 5th for the most bars and taverns per capita in the country and 1st for the most strip clubs (which are fully nude with alcohol). The city also offers an excellent live music scene with dozens of places to see local bands as well as big name acts. Unlike many cities, Portland's downtown is bustling at night (especially on weekends). There are tons of restaurants and bars, particularly in the Northwest and Pearl districts. We also have a number of brewpub movie theaters, most of which are owned by McMenamins, although Clinton Street Theater became such an establishment in 2006.

Below are must visit bars & restaurants in Portland for beer lovers:

  • Bailey's Taproom
    213 SW Broadway
    Portland, OR 97205
    This downtown bar offers 20 constantly rotating beers on tap and about 40 more in bottles. They sell growlers to go.

  • Bazi Bierbrasserie
    1522 SE 32nd Ave
    Portland, OR 97214
    (503) 234-8888
    Newer bar specializing in Belgian beer with 17 on tap.

  • Concordia Ale House
    3276 NE Killingsworth St
    Portland, OR 97211
    This bar offers 22 taps and over 150 bottled beers. Plenty of Belgian beers to be had here.

  • County Cork
    1329 NE Fremont St
    Portland, OR 97212
    This Irish-themed pub has 23 beers on tap. This bar doesn't stay open late and reportedly has kids present.

  • Dublin Pub
    6821 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy
    Portland, OR 97225
    Dublin Pub boasts over 59 beers on tap, most of which are American microbrews. However, this place is a very crowded meat market on the weekends with cheezy live music and a cover charge. Best on weeknights.

  • EastBurn
    1800 E Burnside
    Portland, OR 97214
    A good pub style restaurant/bar offering 16 rotating beers on tap.

  • Henry's 12th Street Tavern
    10 NW 12th Ave.
    Portland, Oregon, 97209
    Located in the trendy Pearl District, Henry's has about 100 beers on tap. It tends to get crowded, so weeknights might be your best bet.

  • Higgins Restaurant and Bar
    1239 SW Broadway
    Portland, Oregon, 97205
    In addition to their incredible food, Higgins offers 11 beers on tap and 100+ in bottles including a great selection of Belgian beers. This is the ONLY place you can get Hair of the Dog Greg, and only when in season.

  • Hophouse (15th)
    1517 NE Brazee
    Portland, Oregon, 97212
    New full bar specializing in Northwest hoppy beers. 24 on tap.

  • Hophouse (Hawthorne)
    4111 SE Hawthorne Blvd
    Portland, Oregon, 97214
    (503) 477-9619
    Newer full bar specializing in Northwest hoppy beers. 24 on tap.

  • Horse Brass Pub
    4534 SE Belmont
    Portland, Oregon 97215
    This English style pub is one of the best and most respected bars in Portland. The Horse Brass has over 50 American and European beers on tap as well as bottled varieties. If there is only one bar a beer lover should visit while in Portland, this is it.

  • McMenamin's Edgefield Brewery
    2126 SW Halsey Street
    Troutdale, OR
    Outside the city, this place has tinges of a hippie commune mixed with old world luxury. There are several bars on the property, and if you play their par 3 golf course, you hit one of them every few holes. Great way to spend the day.

  • Mellow Mushroom
    1411 NW Flanders St
    Portland, OR 97209
    Chain pizza restaurant offering 51 beers on tap as well as another 60+ in bottles. Just opened in the Pearl at the end of 2011.

  • Moon & Sixpence
    2014 NE 42nd Ave
    Portland, Oregon 97213
    This British style pub offers a large selection of beers from around the world. Used to be one of the smokiest bars in Portland, until the non-smoking laws were passed.

  • Morrison Hotel
    719 SE Morrison St
    Portland, Oregon 97214
    This small bar has a big beer selection with around 5 on tap and 100 in bottles.

  • Old Chicago
    Multiple locations
    Old Chicago is a semi-national chain that offers pizza and beer. Despite being a chain, they offer 110 beers from all over the world in their restaurants.

  • Pix Patisserie
    2225 E Burnside St
    Portland, OR 97214
    Pix offers 4 taps, 33 bottled beers and killer desserts. The beers are mostly Belgian and some of them are fairly hard to find.

  • Portland City Grill
    111 SW Fifth Avenue
    30th Floor
    Portland, Oregon 97204
    Portland City Grill's lounge is located on the 30th floor of the U.S. Bank building and offers spectacular views of the city. They also have a pretty decent selection of microbrews and imports available.

  • Produce Row
    204 S.E. Oak
    Portland, Oregon
    Produce Row offers good sandwiches, outdoor seating and a huge beer selection. They offer 29 beers on tap which are mostly local micros, but they also have 200 bottled beers available.

  • Pub at the End of the Universe
    4107 S.E. 28th
    Portland, OR 97212
    This multi-level bar mostly caters to the college crowd, but they do have over 20 beers on tap.

  • The Abbey Bar
    716 NW 21st Ave
    Portland, OR 97209
    Specializing in Belgian beer with six taps and nearly 200 bottles for here or to go.

  • The Blue Monk
    3341 SE Belmont St
    Portland, OR 97214
    This jazz bar offers 12 micro/import taps and 57 bottled.

  • The Hop & Vine
    1914 N Killingsworth St
    Portland, OR 97217
    They have 5 taps and about 200 bottled beers that can be purchased to go. They also host beer tasting and beer and wine trivia nights.

  • The Skybox Pub & Grill
    7995 S.E. Milwaukie Ave.
    Portland, OR 97202
    This semi-divey sports bar has 23 beers on tap and good bar food.

  • The Victory
    3652 SE Division St
    Portland, OR 97202
    This beautiful bar has 6 beers on tap and 20+ in bottles. Their beer selection includes many hard to find items and they rotate the menu regularly.

  • Bottle Shops:
    As previously mentioned, a wide selection of local and imported beer is available in most supermarkets. Shopping for beer in Portland is like going to a beer buffet, but we thought we would list the best specialty shops below.

  • 39th Mini Mart
    935 SE 39th Ave
    Portland, Oregon 97214
    (503) 234-1411
    This place is just a small convenience store that claims to have 1,000 beers. That number should be more like several hundred if you don't count duplicates (i.e. same beer in different sizes or 6 pack).

  • Beaumont Market
    4130 NE Fremont
    Portland, Oregon 97212
    (503) 284-3032
    This small community market has a walk-in beer cooler containing approximately 200 varieties of beer from all over the world. Prices are average, service is very friendly.

  • BeerMonger
    12th & Division
    Portland, Oregon 97206
    This is a brand new beer store that opened on 9/5/09. They have close to 200 beers, lot of glassware, beer on tap, and are planning further expansion. Great prices and they are open daily from 11am-9pm.

  • Belmont Station
    4500 SE Stark St.
    Portland, Oregon 97215
    Previously located next to the Horse Brass pub, this store has moved into a larger space on Stark and offers more beers than before.

  • Bridgetown Beerhouse
    915 N. Shaver St.
    Portland, Oregon 97227
    This is a newer beer store in North Portland that has hundreds of local and international beers.

  • Fred Meyer
    3805 SE Hawthorne
    Portland, Oregon 97214
    (503) 872-3300
    Not all Fred Meyers are created equal. This one was just remodelled and I have been told that it has more beer than any other in town. They claim to have 1,000 beers. Not sure if that is true, but 500+ seems very believable. Lot's of hard to find brews.

  • Jae's Market
    4735 SE Belmont St
    Portland, Oregon 97215
    Right by Belmont Station, this place has got to have more beers than any mini-mart anywhere. Probably over 200 with a wide range of styles and brewers.

  • John's Marketplace
    3535 SW Multnomah Blvd
    Portland, Oregon, 97219
    This small market has a huge selection of microbrews and imports. Some of the beers are refridgerated and some are not - all are exposed to light. The prices are reasonable and this store is definitely worth a visit if you are on the west side.

  • Liquid Solutions
    275 Beavercreek Rd #C149
    Oregon City, Oregon 97045
    Carries over 400 beers from all over the world. Now located in Oregon City.

  • New Seasons Markets
    Multiple locations
    This upscale supermarket chain has a great beer selection that includes regional and international beers. Prices are reasonable.

  • Pastaworks
    3735 SE Hawthorne Blvd
    Portland, Oregon 97214
    This market offers everything the Mediterranean chef could want, but they also have a good beer selection. While not the largest, they do have some oddities that are hard to find elsewhere. There is also a location at 735 NW 21st Avenue.

  • Uptown Market
    6620 SW Scholls Ferry Rd
    Portland, Oregon 97223
    18 taps and a couple hundred bottled. Their tap selection is mostly regional and includes their own brews. The market includes a small homebrew supply section as well.

  • Brewers:
    Dare I try to list them all here? How about if we compromise and I list the names and you look them up in our Beer Database if you want more info. These brewers are all located in the Portland metropolitan area, which includes Vancouver, Washington.

    13 Virtues Brewery - Brewery
    4th Street Brewing Co - Brewery
    Alameda Brewhouse - Brewpub
    Ambacht Brewing - Brewery
    Amnesia Brewing - Brewpub
    Base Camp Brewing Company - Brewery
    Big Horn Brewing - Brewpub
    Breakside Brewery - Brewery
    BJ's Pizza, Grill, and Brewery - Brewpub
    BridgePort Brewing Company - Brewery
    BridgePort Ale House - Brewpub
    Buckman Brewery (Green Dragon) - Brewpub
    Burnside Brewing Company - Brewery
    Captured by Porches Brewing Company - Mobile Beer Trucks
    Cascade Brewing - Brewery/Brewpub
    Coalition Brewing - Brewery
    Columbia River Brewing Company - Brewery
    Deschutes Brewery & Public House - Brewpub
    Ecliptic Brewing Company - Brewery
    Ex Novo - Non profit brewery
    Fearless Brewing Company & Tap House - Brewpub
    Fire Mountain Brew House - Brewery
    Fire on the Mountain Brewing - Brewpub
    Ford Farms Cyderworks - Cider house
    Full Sail Brewing - Brewpub
    Gigantic Brewing Company - Brewpub
    Green Dragon Pub & Bistro - Brewpub
    Hair of the Dog Brewing - Brewery
    Harvester Brewing - Brewery
    Hazel Dell Brew Pub - Brewpub
    Hopworks Urban Brewery - Brewpub
    Kells Brewery - Brewpub
    Laurelwood Public House & Brewery - Brewpub
    Lompoc Brewery - Brewery/Brewpub
    Lompoc 5th Quadrant - Brewpub
    Long Brewing Company - Brewery
    Lucky Labrador Beer Hall - Brewpub
    Lucky Labrador Brew Pub - Brewpub
    Lucky Labrador Public House - Brewpub
    Lucky Labrador Tap Room - Brewpub
    MacTarnahanís Taproom (Pyramid Breweries) - Brewery/Brewpub
    Mash Tun - Brewpub
    Maxís Fanno Creek Brew Pub - Brewpub
    Migration Brewing Company - Brewpub
    Mt Tabor Brewing - Brewery
    McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse - Brewpub
    McMenamin's Crystal Brewery - Brewpub
    McMenamin's East Vancouver Brewery - Brewery
    McMenamin's Edgefield Brewery - Brewpub
    McMenamin's Fulton Brewery - Brewpub
    McMenamin's Highland Brewery - Brewpub
    McMenamin's Hillsdale Brewery - Brewpub
    McMenamin's John Barleycorn's Brewery - Brewpub
    McMenamin's Kennedy School - Brewpub
    McMenamin's Murray Brewery - Brewpub
    McMenamin's Oak Hills Brewery - Brewpub
    McMenamins on the Columbia - Brewery
    McMenamin's West Linn Brewery - Brewpub
    Migration Brewing Company - Brewery
    Natian Brewery - Brewery
    Occidental Brewing - Brewery
    Off the Rail Brewery - Brewery
    Old Chicago Brewery and Pub - Brewpub
    Old Market Pub and Brewery - Brewpub
    Old Town Brewing - Brewpub
    Openmars Brewing Co - Brewery
    Philadelphia's Steaks and Hoagies - Brewpub
    Pints Brewing Company - Brewpub
    Portland Brewing Company - Brewery/Brewpub
    Rock Bottom Brewery - Brewpub
    Rogue Public House - Brewpub
    Salmon Creek Brewery and Pub - Brewpub
    Sasquatch Brewing Company - Brewpub
    The Commons Brewery - Brewery
    Tugboat Brewpub and Cafe - Brewpub
    Two Kilts Brewing Company - Brewery
    Upright Brewing - Brewery
    Uptown Brewery - Brewpub
    Vertigo Brewing - Brewery
    Widmer Brothers Brewing - Brewery/Brewpub

    Drinking Laws:
    The drinking age in Oregon is 21. The drunk driving limit is 0.08. You can purchase beer and wine to go in convenience stores, supermarkets, and some bars, however, all liquor must be purchased at a liquor store (which do not carry beer). You cannot purchase alcohol in a bar or store between the hours of 2:30am - 6am. Oregon Liquor Control Commission

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