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This document will show you how to use our site. If your question is not answered here, please contact us.

Unsupported Search Characters:
When we first started this site, the search function did not support apostrophes (') and all early entries left apostrophes out. Try performing your search with and without them, for example:

If searching for Young's doesn't work
Try searching for Youngs


If searching for O'Hanlons doesn't work
Try searching for OHanlons

Despite the fact that our site contains beers from all over the world, our search engine does not support accents or umlauts. For example:

Instead of searching for Svetlý Lezák
Search for Svetly Lezak

Boolean Searches:
Our search engine supports boolean searches, and by default, it uses the AND operator for multiple terms. To make some sense of this, let's look at an example. Let's say that you enter Grape Ape - the software will return matches that contain Grape AND Ape. So if you are having problems finding what you are looking for, it might be worth trying few search terms.

Advanced Searches:
In addition to the above options, there is also a link to the Advanced Search function in the search box. If you use the methods already discussed, there should be very little reason to use this option. There are 2 benefits to the advanced search. First, it allows you to search the Brewer's Description field. Second, you can search for keywords in an individual field. Again, you shouldn't find yourself needing this except in extreme cases.

Sorting Links:
One of the greatest feature of our software is the powerful sorting features that are available. When viewing a group of links, you can sort them based on name (alphabetical), brewer (alphabetical, location (alphabetical by city), calories, carbs, alcohol percentage, bitterness, rating, votes, and hits. This toolbar also allows you to choose the number of links you would like to view at a time and sort them ascending or descending. See the image below for the sorting toolbar.

Beer Search

When sorting carbs, calories, or bitterness keep in mind that very few brewers make this information available (or even have it themselves). When sorting using these fields, the beers for which this information is unknown will always appear at the bottom of the list. Success with this type of sorting will depend greatly on the category you are sorting in. If you sort by carbs for Belgian Strong Ales, you will find that this information isn't available for any of them. You will have the best luck with lagers rather than ales. Having said that, we have more carb, calorie, and bitterness information than any other beer site going! Let's take a look at a few sorting examples:

Example #1
Let's say that you want to find out which India Pale Ale has the highest alcohol percentage. First browse to the India Pale Ale category. Next select "Alcohol Percentage" from the drop down menu on the sorting toolbar and select ascending followed by pressing the "go" button.

Example #2
Let's say that you are starting a low-carb diet and want to find the lowest carb beer. First browse to the lagers -> Light/Pale Lager category (ales and other styles are not low-carb). Select "carbs" from the drop down menu and ascending for the sorting.

If you still need help, feel free to contact us.

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