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Welcome to our free online homebrewing software. In order to use our software, you will first need to register and login to the site. Get started by clicking on the "Recipes" link in the above menu and follow the instructions on that page. Happy brewing!

Today's Random Recipe
Expected grain efficiency (1-100): Batch Size (US gallons):  
Beer's Name: Scottish Bitchslap Style: Anglo-American Style Ales
Substyle: (Scottish Ale)
 Original Gravity: 1.081
 Final Gravity: 1.023
 Alcohol (ABV): 7.56%
 Calories (per 12 oz.): 271
 Total IBU (Bitterness): 24
 SRM (color): 29

Ingredients: (Portions for a 5 gallon batch)
Grain 0.13 lbs.Oats, Flaked (USA) All grain
Grain 0.5 lbs.Peat Smoked Malt (UK) All grain
Grain 0.38 lbs.Roasted Barley (UK) All grain
Grain 10.3 lbs.Munton's LME Light Extract
Hops 2 oz.Cluster (Pellets% AA) Boil time 15 min.
Yeast 1 oz.Wyeast Labs Scottish Ale (1728) Yeast (Ideal ferm. temp: 55-75°F)

I should have used a 6.5 gallon carboy instead of a 5 gallon one. The beer was very active and the airlock kept exploding out of the carboy. Grains for 60 minutes, cool down and add LME, boil hops for 15 minutes. Ferment at 70 degrees.

Primary Fermentor: 1 weeks Secondary: 2 weeks In Bottles: 1 weeks

A beer please:
Ur banne bier am bo, mar plij
(Oor bah-ne beer am boh mar pleezh)

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