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Welcome to our free online homebrewing software. In order to use our software, you will first need to register and login to the site. Get started by clicking on the "Recipes" link in the above menu and follow the instructions on that page. Happy brewing!

Today's Random Recipe
Expected grain efficiency (1-100): %  Batch Size (US gallons):  
Beer's Name: Spragues NWIPA Style: Anglo-American Style Ales
Substyle: (India Pale Ale (IPA))
 Original Gravity: 1.066
 Final Gravity: 1.016
 Alcohol (ABV): 6.52%
 Calories (per 12 oz.): 219
 Total IBU (Bitterness): 76
 SRM (color): 13

Ingredients: (Portions for a 5 gallon batch)
Grain 0.5 lbs.  Crystal 60L (USA)   All grain
Grain 7 lbs.  Malt syrup, Light (USA)  
Grain 0.5 lbs.  Cara-Pils/CaraFoam/Dextrine (USA)   All grain
Grain 1 lbs.  DME (Light)  
Hops 2 oz.  Amarillo   (Pellets% AA) Boil time 60 min.
Hops 1 oz.  Cascade   (Pellets% AA) Boil time 30 min.
Hops 2 oz.  Willamette   (Pellets% AA) Boil time 1 min.
Yeast 1 oz.  DCL Safale American Ale (US-05)  Yeast   (Ideal ferm. temp: 59-75°F)
Steep grains at 160-170 degrees for 30 minutes. Turn off heat and add all malt extracts. Added a whirfloc tablet at 15 minutes of the hop schedule.
Primary Fermentor:   7 days  Secondary  2 weeks  In Bottles:   1 weeks

A beer please:
Einn bj�r, takk
(Ay-dn byohr tahk)

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