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Welcome to our free online homebrewing software. In order to use our software, you will first need to register and login to the site. Get started by clicking on the "Recipes" link in the above menu and follow the instructions on that page. Happy brewing!

Today's Random Recipe
Expected grain efficiency (1-100): Batch Size (US gallons):  
Beer's Name: Slow Elk Style: Stouts and Porters
Substyle: (Sweet Stout)
 Original Gravity: 1.065
 Final Gravity: 1.022
 Alcohol (ABV): 5.57%
 Calories (per 12 oz.): 219
 Total IBU (Bitterness): 22
 SRM (color): 39

Ingredients: (Portions for a 5 gallon batch)
Grain 0.4 lbs.Oats, Flaked (USA) Extract
Grain 6.6 lbs.Malt syrup, Light (USA) Extract
Grain 0.25 lbs.Black Patent Malt (UK) Extract
Grain 0.4 lbs.Chocolate Malt (USA) Extract
Grain 1.5 lbs.Crystal 80L (USA) Extract
Hops 1.25 oz.East Kent Goldings (Pellets% AA) Boil time 60 min.
Miscellaneous Ingredient 1 ozIrish Moss Extract
Yeast 6 oz.White Labs English Ale (WLP002) Yeast (Ideal ferm. temp: 65-68°F)

Steep specialty grains in about 3 gallons of water at 150 to 155 F for 30 minutes. Remove grains, and add malt syrup and bring to a boil. Add 1.25 ounces Kent Golding hops and 1 teaspoon Irish moss and boil for 60 minutes. When done boiling, strain out hops and add the wort to cool water in a sanitized carboy to fill to the 5-1/2 gallon mark. Add your yeast when the wort is 75 to 80 F, and aerate well. Let the wort cool to about 68 F over the next few hours and ferment at 66 to 70 F until complete (normally 7 to 10 days).

All-grain option
Replace Coopers malt extract with 7.5 pounds of pale malt. Mash grains together for 60 minutes at 155. Collect enough wort to boil for 90 minutes and have 5.5 gallons yield. Decrease boiling hops to 1 ounce (5 AAU) to account for increased hop extraction efficiency in a full boil. The remainder of the recipe is the same as the extract.

Primary Fermentor: 5 days Secondary: 2 weeks In Bottles: 2 weeks

A beer please:
Wiehed birra, jekk jghogbok
(Wee-het bir-ra yek yoh-dzbok)

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