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Should We Have a Session IPA Category?


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The first step in using this software is to make sure that the recipe you are going to brew is located in the recipe database. On this page, you can add a recipe, view existing recipes, and edit your own recipes. Once the recipe you wish to brew is located in our database, click the "Batches" link in the menu above to start a new batch of the recipe.

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Recipe Name (view/edit)StyleColorBatchesRatingOwner
 Trout Ale Amber Ale 130admin
 Belgian White Ale Belgian Witbier 20admin
 Hoegaarden-like Belgian Witbier 30admin
 English Cream Ale Cream Ale 120admin
 Dunkelweizen Dunkelweizen 300admin
 Beardawg Stout Foreign Style Stout 540admin
 Blackberry Stout Fruit Beer 510admin
 Garlic Ale Herb/Vegetable/Spice 130admin
 Ginger Ale Herb/Vegetable/Spice 40admin
 Phils IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 130admin
 Short Boil IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 170admin
 Dead Dog IPA India Pale Ale (IPA) 130admin
 Kool Kolsch Klsch 50admin
 Coronita Light/Pale Lager 40admin
 Tangerine Melomel Mead 20admin
 Introspection Stout Oatmeal Stout 580admin
 Brown Porter Porter 430admin
 Perfect Porter Porter 600admin
 Po Boy Porter Porter 560admin
 St. Andy Clone Scotch Ale 240admin
 Scottish Ale Scottish Ale 160admin
 Basic Smoked Porter Smoked 352admin
 Slow Elk Sweet Stout 390admin
 Bitter Chocolate Sweet Stout 440admin
 Mein Weig Weizenbock 130admin

A beer please:
Eno pivo, prosim
(Eno pee-vo pro-seem)

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