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Expected grain efficiency (1-100): Batch Size (US gallons):  
Beer's Name: Overcast Stout Style: Stouts and Porters
Substyle: (Sweet Stout)
 Original Gravity: 1.08
 Final Gravity: 1.022
 Alcohol (ABV): 7.56%
 Calories (per 12 oz.): 268
 Total IBU (Bitterness): 12
 SRM (color): 46

Ingredients: (Portions for a 5 gallon batch)
Grain 7 lbs.Amber Malt (UK) Extract
Grain 1 lbs.Crystal 120L (USA) All grain
Grain 1 lbs.Brown Sugar, Light Extract
Grain 1.5 lbs.DME (Amber) Extract
Grain 0.5 lbs.Chocolate Malt (USA) All grain
Grain 0.25 lbs.Black Patent Malt (USA) All grain
Hops 0.25 oz.Fuggles (Pellets% AA) Boil time 15 min.
Hops 0.5 oz.Cascade (Pellets% AA) Boil time 60 min.
Miscellaneous Ingredient 6 ozCoffee Beans Extract
Yeast 6 oz.White Labs Burton Ale (WLP023) Yeast (Ideal ferm. temp: 68-73°F)

7 lb Amber Malt Extract Syrup
1 lb Crystal 120L
.25 lb Black Patent
.5 lb Belgian Chocolate
1.5 lb Amber Malt Dry
4 oz Brewed Espresso
2 oz Hershey Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1 lb Brown Sugar
WLP 023 (make a starter)

.5 oz Cascade 6.8% @ 60min
.25 oz Cascade 6.8% @ 30min
.25 oz Fuggle 6.0% @ 15min

Steep Crystal, Black Patent, and Belgian @ 170 F
Settled @ 160 F for 30 min in 1.5 gallons of water
Rinsed with 170 F water until water ran clear

Started with 6.5 gallons to finish with just over 5 after boil off

Last 15 min of boil add espresso and cocoa
Last 10 min of boil add brown sugar

OG 1.070FG 1.019
Active fermentation for roughly 2 weeks
Primary (4) weeks, Secondary (3) weeks, bottled I believe I waited another couple months before trying them and it was good but continued to get better with age.

A friend told me I should be brewing for a living after trying this brew.

Primary Fermentor: 4 weeks Secondary: 3 weeks In Bottles: 2 months

A beer please:
Una cerveza, por favor
(Oo-na ser-veh-sa, por fa-vor)
-Spanish (Latin Am.)

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