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Expected grain efficiency (1-100): Batch Size (US gallons):  
Beer's Name: Tangerine Melomel Style: Mead
 Original Gravity: 1.07
 Final Gravity: 1.018
 Alcohol (ABV): 6.78%
 Calories (per 12 oz.): 233
 Total IBU (Bitterness): 0
 SRM (color): 2

Ingredients: (Portions for a 5 gallon batch)
Grain 10 lbs.Honey Extract
Miscellaneous Ingredient 1 ozIrish Moss Extract
Miscellaneous Ingredient 3 tabletCampden tablets Extract
Miscellaneous Ingredient 2 ozOrange Peel Extract
Miscellaneous Ingredient 1 tspYeast Nutrient Extract
Miscellaneous Ingredient 1 tspCitric Acid Extract
Miscellaneous Ingredient 4 ozGinger Root (grated) Extract
Miscellaneous Ingredient 10 Lbs.Tangerines Extract
Yeast 3 oz.White Labs Sweet Mead (WLP720) Yeast (Ideal ferm. temp: 70-75°F)

Heat a gallon or so of water to hot but not boiling. dissolve your honey in this water. Add honey water to fermentation bucket. Add rest of water to cool down mixture. Add some pectin enzyme and 3 campden tablets or 1/4 tsp of potassium metabisulfite. Test your sugar and acid levels if you have the equipment to test with. At the very least test your sugar levels with a hydrometer and adjust to about 1.085 S.G. Add rest of ingredients except for the nutrient. Cover and seal for 12 to 24 hours. During this time get your yeast going in a yeast starter. After the 12-24 hours pitch your yeast. Ferment at cool temps until the yeast stop working. Your melomel should have some residual sugar left in it.
Rack the mead and begin the clearing process

Primary Fermentor: 10 days Secondary: 6 months In Bottles: 2 months

A beer please:
Ur banne bier am bo, mar plij
(Oor bah-ne beer am boh mar pleezh)

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