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This is our collection of free homebrewing tools and calculators.

ABW to ABV Converter
Converts back and forth between alcohol by weight and alcohol by volume.

Beer Specifications Calculator
Use the OG and FG of your beer to calculate the real final gravity, alcohol content (weight and volume), and calories.

Bitterness Calculator
Input the alpha acid Percentage, mass added, and time boiled fields and this calculator will calculate the hops bitterness of your beer.

Carbonation Calculator
This calculator will determine how much priming sugar you need to achieve a desired level of CO2.

Celsius/Fahrenheit Calculator
Convert back and forth between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Liquid Conversion Calculator
This calculator will allow you to convert between various liquid measurements.

Water Chemistry Calculator
Calculates the ppm of all the important brewing ions based on the water volume and the mass of the salts you add.

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