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Three Man

Three Man is a pretty fun game and can keep you amused for a while. There is a medium level of drinking involved.

Starting the Game:
To start the game, you need at least 4 people and dice. The more people you have, the more difficult the game is for the Three Man. To determine who will be 3-man first, each player rolls a die in turn and the first to roll a 3 is the 3-man. The player to the left of the 3-man starts the game.

The Gameplay:
On a player's turn, they roll the dice and the results of the roll determine whether someone drinks or their turn is over. If a player rolls any of the dice combinations below, the action must be taken and the player's turn continues. If they do not get any of the combinations below, their turn ends and they pass the dice to the next player.

1+1 Doubles
1+2 Three man drinks
1+3 Three man drinks
1+4 Turn ends
1+5 Turn ends
1+6 Player to left of roller drinks
2+2 Doubles
2+3 Three man drinks
2+4 Turn ends
2+5 Player to left of roller drinks
2+6 Turn ends
3+3 Doubles - Three man drinks twice
3+4 Three man drinks; player to left of roller drinks
3+5 Three man drinks
3+6 Three man drinks
4+4 Doubles
4+5 Turn ends
4+6 Social
5+5 Doubles
5+6 Player to right of roller drinks
6+6 Doubles

To summarize the above, the Three Man drinks anytime a 3 shows on the dice or they add up to 3. 7 is drink to the left/11 is drink to the right. 10 is a social where everybody drinks. Doubles are described next.

Doubles - If you roll doubles, you can pass the dice to the player(s) of your choice. You can either pass both dice to 1 person or split them up and give 2 people 1 die apiece. The player(s) that receive the dice must then roll to find out how many drinks they must take. If the dice you passed result in a doubles roll (whether you split them between 2 people or not) you must drink the sum of the dice instead.

The gameplay continues until it is the Three Man's turn. This is their big chance to get out of being Three Man and in order to do this, they must roll a 3 before any of the turn ending rolls. If they successfully roll a 3, their turn ends and the Three Man gets to pick a new Three Man.

There are a number of variations to this game. Here are some common ones:
  • 1+4 Thumb to table or floor. Last player to do so drinks.
  • If the dice add up to five, all players must put their finger on their nose. Last person to touch their nose takes a drink.
  • Ronnie Lott: If a 4 and a 2 come up on the dice, everyone drinks (social). 42 is Ronnie Lott's jersey number.
  • Rules: Rolling doubles three times in any turn grants the player the right to make a rule.
  • Thumb Master: If a player rolls a 10 they become Thumb Master.
  • Party Foul: If one of the dice falls off the table, the player who rolled it takes a drink.
  • If someone is in the bathroom when it is their turn to roll, they are penalized one drink for every 5 seconds they are late.
  • Doubles variation: If a player rolls doubles he can give one die to two different people. They each roll and the person who rolls the smaller number drinks the difference between the two dice. If the two people roll the same number, the dice are passed back and the first person rolls. The first person then must drink twice the difference. If he rolls doubles again the two people must drink triple the value of the dice (ie. player rolls 2 fours, the other two players must drink 12 each).

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